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Private projects, technical advice, telescope sales,
and invited presentations

Either as an individual or in collaboration with school and institutions, we help you to realize your projects.

Alpine Astrrovillage private projects
Alpine Astrovillage, private projectse

Technical and practical tips and suggestions on telescopes and astrophotography for amateur astronomers and people who want to become them.

Program:       by individual agreement

Participants:   max. 6, from 17 years

Dates:           by agreement

Own telescope and camera: by arrangement

Price per Person and hour started:
1 pers.                                 CHF 65.00
each additional person          +CHF 25.00

Alpine Astrovillage
Alpine Astrovillage
Logo Alpine Astrovillage
Alpine Astrovillage

Alpine Astrovillage

Member of the Science-Guide of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences
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