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Stargazing Programs

That orientation in the night sky is difficult and that astrophotography is only for pros? Our popular stargazing and astrophotography courses in small groups supervised by skilled Václav Ourednik, will convince you of the opposite!

Stargazing weekend

2 Nights

On a clear night everybody starts to dream and admires the eternal sea of stars. But how to orient yourself? How do I find Skorpious and which stars belong to the Winter Hexagon?

As a small group, we learn to know each other during the entry apéro. Next, we will learn in the introductory picture presentation what we will observe and how the Cosmos "works" - very well suited for beginners! Then, we will apply and live the theory during the night.

But also our mother star -the Sun - will not be forgotten. Thanks to a special solar telescope we will be able to admire the dynamic and "living" solar surface.

Alpine Astrovillage
The Sun in  H-alpha, Foto: F. Gass and V. Ourednik

A photo from the article Eine spektakuläre Flare-Region,  Václav und Jitka Ourednik, Orion 378, 2013

The following program is waiting for you:

The nightsky through the telescope

On 2 nights we will wander together through the skies and learn about planets and constellations. We will admire the sparkling arch of the Milky Way and we will be object-hunting with a telescope millions of light years away. It can also happen that we will wake you up at 3 a.m.

Sun observation through an H-alpha telescope

​Once, during the day, we will be observing the features of the solar surface with a special telescope equipped with an H-alpha filter.

You will witness how gigantic protuberances, much larger than our Earth, shoot up from the rim of the Sun and you will learn many interesting facts about its existance.

In the remaining time, you can also explore the beautiful surrounding nature.

Participants:   max. 10, from 10 years up

Previous knowledge:    none

Dates:   upon arrangement

Duration:   2 nights

Price:    CHF 229.00


Price includes welcome apéro, use of astronomical equipment, introductory presentations, and observation of the night sky and the Sun.

Accommodation is not included.

Alpine Astrovillage - Dobson Teleskop

Stargazing evening

2-3 hrs.

Participants: max.10, from 10 years

Dates: on request

Start: 1 hr. before dark

* Introduction "The cosmos in stargazing and photography"

* Guided stargazing through the telescope

Price:  CHF 30.00 per person

Minimal price per evening:  CHF 180.00

Accommodation at the AAV Centre only

"And yet it moves ..."  Thus, the night sky changes constantly. Some constellations you can already admire during early evening hours, others become visible only late after midnight. It is therefore well possible that we come and wake you up in the middle of the night to start observation. Thus, it is necessary that you are accommodated directly at the Center.

To confirm reservation, 50% of the course price and accommodation is required. We cannot refund but the term can be shifted in agreement with us or transferred to a third party.

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