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Course 1:  The telescope and stargazing for beginners

​Smog and bright street lamps are turning night into day. Do admit, you would desperately like to see and to know what is going on up there in the sky. Wasn't there somewhere also a Milky Way? Are there more constellations than the Big and the Little Dipper? What is a planet and what is a star?


Vaclav Ourednik mit Kursteleskop
Himmelsbeobachtungskurs, AAV

After this course, you will know how to:

orient yourself in the night sky, use a planisphere, observe protuberances on the sun, choose and use a telescope, judge the quality of the sky, and more.

Dates 2019:

Feb. 5-8  |  Feb. 26-March 1  |  March 13-16  |  March 29-April 1  |  April 10-13  |  April 28-May 1  |  May 8-11  |  May 26-29  |  Juni 4-7  |  Juni 7-10  |  July 26-29  |  Aug. 23-26  |  Sept 5-8  |  Oct. 2-5  |  Oct. 21-24  |  Oct. 30-Nov. 2  |  Nov. 19-22  |  Dez. 1-4

Participants:   max. 8, from 15 yrs.

Prior knowledge:   none

Duration: 3 nights

​Price:   CHF 450.00

Included in the course prices are welcome apero, course handout, use of astronomical equipment.

Accommodation not included. See below.

Course 2: Introduction to astrophotography with a digital camera

The beginning is easier than you think!

Did it ever cross your mind that with a digital camera (DSLR) you can take pictures of a past millions of years away? Colorful nebulae, unknown galaxies, gigantic globular clusters ... photography is the only way how to experience the Cosmos in all its splendor and colors.


What it takes is a really dark and transparent sky – and still a bit of know-how. Both you find at the Alpine Astrovillage. So why hesitate? The cosmic past is waiting.

Alpine Astrovillage, Course in astrophotography
Alpine Astrovillage - Astrophotography

After this course you will know:

How to choose telescope and camera for astroimiging and how the choice depends on sky quality, which types of imaging techiques exists, which software you will need for image processing, what it means to calibrate an image, and basic steps in digital image processing.

Dates 2019:

Jan. 30-Feb. 3  |  April 3-7  |  May 3-7  |  May 30-Juni 3  |  Aug. 2-6  |  Aug. 30-Sept 3  |  Sept. 24-28  |  Sept. 28-Oct. 2  Oct. 25-29  |  Dez. 26-30

Participants:    max. 6, from 15 yrs.

Prior knowledge:   basic astronomy (e.g., the AAV Course 1)

Duration: 4 nights

​Price:   CHF 650.00

Included in the course prices are: welcome apero, course handout, use of astronomical equipment. Accommodation is not included. See below.

Accommodation at the AAV Cente only

"And yet it moves ..."  Thus, the night sky changes constantly. Some constellations you can already admire during early evening hours, others become visible only late after midnight. It is therefore well possible that we come and wake you up in the middle of the night to start observation. Thus, it is necessary that you are accommodated directly at the Center.

To confirm reservation, 50% of the course price and accommodation is required. We cannot refund but the term can be shifted in agreement with us or transferred to a third party.

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Alpine Astrovillage

Alpine Astrovillage

Member of the Science-Guide of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences
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