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Cantonal Pearl Adventure since 2011

Dear friends,

We should like to let you know, that, after 10 successful years, the Alpine Astrovillage - Center for astrophotography and stargazing in the Alps - stops its program by December 1, 2019.

We are returning to our original profession, the study of neurodegenerative diseases and the development of new therapeutic approaches. This requires a move to California. Of course, astrophotography remains with us as a fascinating hobby and, who knows, we might offer in the future some of our courses for the public at our new location - if there will be any interest. The planned trip to Namibia in 2020, which is already booked out, will take place as scheduled.

We thank all for the trust and the friendship during all these years. Through the Astrovillage, we got the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people.

Clear skies,

Vaclav and Jitka

The valley Prättigau is situated in the eastern part of the canton Graubünden, known for its beautiful nature and the lowest population density in Switzerland. Here, the conditions for practical astronomy are optimal. The AAV Center is located in the county of Luzein that has very low air and light pollution. The sky is wide open and transparent with a good seeing.

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Alpine Astrovillage photography from near and far

(Audio slideshow)